The FitoStinger drone

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The FitoStinger Drone

High technology aircraft

Highly efficient and safe drone. Redundant systems, anti-collision equipment and a built-in air traffic detection system guarantee this.

Respect for living beings

Protector with people and animals. There is no dispersion of the phytosanitary agent; It is applied directly by injecting it into the nest, avoiding reaching other species (butterflies, bees …)

Patented applicator

Patented applicator system. Detection of nests automatically thanks to the artificial vision. High precision liquid pump.

Respect for trees

It does not harm the trees. No drilling is done on its trunk, nor are branches cut. No phytosanitary product sprayed outside the nest.

The pine processionary caterpillar
What is it and what effects does it have on people, animals and trees?

The pine processionary (Thaumetopoea pityocampa) is a species of defoliator lepidoptera, It abounds in pine forests of Southern Europe and South America, although climate change is favoring its expansion towards all European countries, including central ones.

It is considered the most important defoliating insect of the pine forests. It can feed on all species of the genera Pinus, Cedrus and Abies, but they prefer exotic pines and, especially, black or black pine.

The caterpillars (larvae) are covered with stinging hairs that detach and float in the air, so they can cause irritation in the ears, nose and throat in humans, as well as intense allergic reactions that in the most severe cases can lead to death. The substance that confers this stinging capacity is a thermolabile toxin called Thaumatopina.

It is not difficult to “take a walk” on the Internet to easily find a lot of cases where the plague of the pine processionary has caused serious problems in people and animals. Schools, amusement parks, public gardens… are some of the places where their appearance has caused some damage occasionally.

Left to right: pruritus produced in the neck - defoliated tree - necrosis in the dog's tongue

Domestic animals are the victims of the processionary effects, since if they come into contact with the animal’s tongue, they can reach the necrosis of the animal, with a fatal outcome for the animal, which in many cases is death .

But the great ones affected are the pines and the area where they are. The severe defoliations produce the weakening of the entire structure and the younger pines can die. This great defoliation, in situations that are aligned with a possible drought, can turn the area into a zone of serious fire risk, due to the sharp dryness of the trees and the terrain; It can therefore reach, as a result of hypothetical fires, deforestation of large extensions.

  • Severe allergic skin reactions
  • Severe allergic reactions in mucous membranes that can trigger death due to anaphylactic shock
  • Severos daños en la boca de los animales si entran en contacto, pudiendo producir necrosis en la lengua.
  • Serious defoliation of the pine tree, being able to kill the younger specimens.
  • Alto riesgo para los niños en zonas recreativas y escolares
  • High risk for children in recreational areas Important risk of fire in defoliated areas, and much greater if it coincides with the period of drought. And school children
  • Death possible of other species if spraying or nebulization methods are used, such as spray guns or helicopters / planes
  • Quarantine of the treated area if spraying or nebulization methods are used, due to the fall of specimens to the soil and the dispersion of the applied product
  • Important economic damages to activities such as forestry
  • Serious defoliation of the pine can kill the youngest.
  • Image damages for the consistories or managers of affected areas
  • Danger of deforestation of burnt areas and whose defoliation has favored such fires
The anti-pest drone


Private gardens
Hotels and Rural Houses
Residential areas
Theme parks
Parks and gardens
Additional services

Private Gardens

FitoStinger is positioned as the ideal system to treat all domestic gardens against the pine processionary. The system allows the application of the phytosanitary product directly on the nests and as a result, the area should not be quarantined once the treatment has been carried out.

Thanks to its flight versatility, the aircraft can reach the most complex areas and perform a fast and effective treatment. In addition, all at a highly competitive cost, especially if we compare it with the current pest control systems of the pine processionary.

Hotels and Rural Houses

The hotels, the rural houses, the campings, the  camping areas, colonies houses, etc. They constitute one of the most ideal segments for the application of the treatment against pine processionary based on the FitoStinger system.

The drone will allow to apply the phytosanitary product directly on the nests in a fast and efficient way, reaching areas of difficult access, where the treatments carried out with nebulization or sprinkling by applicator cannons are impossible. And all without the need to put the area in quarantine, because there will not fall plant protection product on the ground.

Residential Areas

Many communities are located in areas populated by numerous pine trees. Urbanizations and residential areas located in the Mediterranean arch are usually full of pine trees everywhere.

FitoStinger offers its residents an ideal solution to treat possible affectations of the pest of the pine processionary, with a very competitive price with respect to the treatments that are currently offered and with a greater respect for the environment.

No doubt the ideal treatment option, given that these areas are usually very dense in number of trees and the costs can be shared by all owners.

Theme parks

Amusement parks, adventure parks, water parks, thematic enclosures, etc. They constitute as zones that can not be allowed the fact of having affectation in their facilities, of a plague like the pine processionary. We just have to search a bit on the Internet to find a case that has become media, due to the involvement of numerous customers.

FitoStinger will provide a treatment against the pine processionary very effective. The caterpillars do not have time to leave the nest after the treatment and die inside, favoring their best containment. And the area should not be quarantined due to dispersion of the phytosanitary product on the ground.

Parks and gardens

Historically, parks and gardens have been a meeting place for the inhabitants of towns and cities. A place where to disconnect and practice sports, walk with the dog, go out with the little ones …

Municipalities, therefore, must ensure the maintenance of these areas and the safety of their citizens when they are in them.

FitoStinger will be able to help maintain the optimal conditions of these leisure areas and preserve them while keeping the plague of the pine processionary at bay. Contributing to avoid a public health problem.

Additional services

The plague of the pine processionary has different stages within its life cycle. From FitoStinger we offer a service with drone that can be complemented with other additional treatments and compatible with our principle of protection and respect for the environment.

Therefore, depending on the annual period where we are, we can combine drone treatment with other pest control services, such as pheromone traps. Always adapting to the environment and valuing the different options that may be available.

The Team



Pine processionary caterpillar plague expert. FitoStinger system inventor. Great commercial experience.



Drone technology specialist.  Professional use of drones expert consultant and great experience as an entrepreneur.

Virginia LÓPEZ


Commercial area experience. Expert in management and training of pilots. Great expert in the drone sector as a consultant.

Vasyl Zhurman


Pilot expert. Qualities in the handling of aircraft in all its categories.  Mechanics extensive knowledgement.

Leticia Jiménez


Economic and financial management specialist. Delivered experience, generated through the passage by important companies.

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