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Prevention and control specialists. Cockroaches, bed bugs, ants ...

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Urban Birds

Installation of anti seagulls, pigeons and other birds devices. Avoid serious damage to roofs, decks, cornices, etc.

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Rodent control

Rodents can cause serious economic losses. Tailor-made prevention and control plans; for individuals and companies.

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Wood treatments

Comprehensive wood protection treatments. Termites, fungi, woodworm ...

Pests and drone services

Pine processionary caterpillar image


Highly stinging for people and animals. It produces great defoliation on the trees.

Asian wasp image


Very painful and often fatal sting. Eater of bees and other insects and crops.

Image of weeds on rooftop


They generate humidity and raise covers. Eroded monuments and or historical buildings.

Image of tiger mosquito


Very durable sting. They transmit serious diseases: Zika, Dengue or yellow fever.

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They don't bite, they bite. They can blind you. They can transmit cholera, typhoid fever, or dysentery.

Image of agricultural pests (PHYTOSANITARY)


Rice paddies, vineyards, orchard, etc. They can produce great economic losses.

Meet our aerial machines

We introduce you to our drones, which we use to combat some of the pests we treat. Discover its benefits and how we apply treatments.

PhytoStinger is a company with a marked innovative profile. Offer Pest control with drone technology, working with Artificial vision among other technologies.

Places where we perform prevention and treatment

We perform Disinfection, Disinsection and Rodent Control in
In addition, with our drones we can carry out specific aerial treatments in
  • Pest Control button with drone in public gardens Parks and gardens
  • Pest control button with drone in wetlands and riverbanks Wetlands and riverbanks
  • Pest Control button with drone in historical buildings Monuments and historical buildings
  • Pest Control button with drone in crops Growing areas
Parks and gardens

Public garden image

The parks and gardens have always been a meeting and recreation place for the inhabitants of towns and cities. A place to disconnect and practice sports, walk with the dog, go out with the little ones ...

The municipalities, therefore, must ensure the maintenance of these areas and the safety of their citizens. FitoStinger will be able to help maintain the optimal conditions of these areas and preserve them by keeping pests at bay pine processionary and asian wasp. Helping to avoid a public health problem.

In the same way, we will cover stagnant water areas with our specific treatments for tiger mosquito or on riversides of passage through the municipality for the black fly.

Wetlands and riverbanks

Swamp picture

Pest Control with drone technology is the ideal formula against pests as dangerous as black fly or tiger mosquito. Both in expansion process.

Through our specific treatment systems, we can treat the breeding areas of these beings in a localized way and prevent the larvae from reaching their adult stage. To do this, with our drones we will reach the areas of most difficult access, even from boats, to effectively deal with the proliferation of the plague. 

Rivers, deltas, streams, reservoirs, lakes and other riverbanks will be the ideal target for our UAS.

Monuments and historical buildings

Historic building image

One of the use cases, where we are also pioneers, is in the treatment of weeds in monuments, historical buildings and also any other infrastructure that requires it.

We can quickly and effectively access facades, roofs, roofs and any area that is difficult to access with our drones. 

The construction of scaffolding or other structures will no longer be necessary to carry out this type of cleaning actions. weeds, which are so damaging to the infrastructure, causing dampness, cracks and other important problems for its conservation and maintenance.

Growing areas

Growing area image

Given the impossibility of applying massive phytosanitary treatments on a regular basis through the use of airplanes or helicopters, Pest Control with drone technology is positioned as the ideal solution. It allows as a main treatment standard, working with Machine Vision among other technologies, agricultural treatment drones (PhytoAgro) are postulated as an effective tool for the agriculture sector.

It is an effective tool that optimizes treatments, reduces water consumption and locally manages the different problems that crops face, such as agricultural pests

The opportunity to improve job security in the sector and prevent staff from carrying out treatments using systems that are much more dangerous to health. Reducing the drift of the applied products and the exposure to them.

  • Pest Control button with drone in private garden Private Gardens
  • Pest Control button with drone in hotels Hotels Country Houses
  • Pest control button with drone in residential areas Residential areas
  • Pest Control button with drone in theme parks Theme Parks
Private Gardens

Private garden image

PhytoStinger is positioned as the ideal system to treat all home gardens against pine processionary. Pest control with drone technology allows the application of the biocide product directly on the nests. And thanks to this, the area should not be quarantined once the treatment has been carried out.

So the same goes for asian wasp (Velutin), where we will apply the biocide in a localized way and eliminating all the guests in a single treatment.

Thanks to its versatility of flight, the aircraft will be able to reach the most complex areas and carry out a quick and effective treatment. Also, all at a highly competitive cost. We inform you?

Hotels and rural houses

Pest control with drone in hotels and rural houses

Hotels, rural houses, campsites, camping areas, colonies houses, etc. All of them constitute one of the most ideal segments for the application of treatment against pine processionary, asian wasp (Velutina) or the weed removal on roofs, roofs or facades.

The drone will allow the biocide product to be applied directly to the target to be treated. It will work quickly and efficiently, reaching areas that are difficult to access, where treatments carried out with nebulization or spraying using applicator cannons are impossible. And all with an immediate effect on the treated pest.


Residential areas

Pest control with drone in residential areas

Many communities are located in areas populated by numerous trees. Urbanizations and residential areas located in Europe, usually have groves everywhere.

A solution for its residents, ideal to treat possible affectations of pests  pine processionary, asian wasp (Velutin) or the proliferation of weeds on facades and roofs or roofs.

We offer the best treatment options. With a very competitive price with respect to the treatments currently offered and with greater respect for the environment. And the costs can be shared by all owners.

Theme Parks

Pest control with drone in theme parks

Amusement parks, adventure parks, water parks, theme parks, etc. They are constituted as zones that cannot afford the fact of having an affectation in their facilities, of a plague like the pine processionary or the asian wasp (Velutina). We only have to do a little searching on the Internet to locate a case that has become media, due to the affectation of numerous clients.

FitoStinger will provide effective and surgical treatment through our drones PhytoStinger y FitoVelu. In most cases it will not even be necessary to quarantine the areas, due to the localized nature of the treatment.

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