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Special Coronavirus disinfection service - COVID-19

Disinfection service to prevent, clean the load of microorganisms in a certain place. We therefore work in areas of possible affectation of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19)

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At FitoStinger we are authorized to carry out all kinds of treatments. So we can officially certify all the services we carry out so that the establishments can comply with regulations and disinfection obligations.

ROPO registration: ST080318 (ID .: 098074714ST)

ROESP Register: 0605CAT-SB

When and why to carry out a disinfection service?

The disinfection service asks these two questions that go hand in hand. The answer to when is very simple: When the environment that is susceptible to treatment has passed, is going through or may go through a situation that increases the risk of presence of bacteria or viruses.

And why goes hand in hand with the previous question in the sense that it must be carried out to prevent, maintain or correct the load of these microorganisms in a certain place.

Therefore, an area where preventive work is carried out at the disinfection level is not the same as one that does not have it. In the case of virusfor example the viral load of that area could be much greater, with what all this entails in relation to the health of people and / or animals.

Disinfection service actions

So, From FitoStinger we can carry out actions based on the situation of the area to be treated. Actions preventive and maintenance, in areas that require exhaustive hygiene, either due to the characteristics of the place (food industry, hotels, restaurants, etc.) O well due to an exceptional situation in which society is immersed (pandemic or pandemic risk). As well as reactive actions, even more energetic and forceful than those previously described; facing the realization of treatments in areas punished by a certain microorganism or that require increased hygiene for epidemic reasons, expansion of a certain pest or unforeseen contingencies.

Are ozone treatments efficient?

There is no scientific study that supports and demonstrates the effectiveness of Ozone in eliminating bacteria and viruses.. And the protocol of the Ministry of Health does not consider Ozone as a disinfecting agent. And in fact it does not include it in the official list of virucidal products authorized in Spain. La International Ozone Association endorses this information. You can see his official communicational en this link.

  • 100% authorized
  • Service specially indicated for the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic (COVID-19)
  • Urban and agricultural treatments
  • No scientific study supports and demonstrates the efficacy of Ozone treatments
  • We use products included in the official list of authorized virucidal products
  • We carry out preventive, maintenance and reactive treatments
  • Quick response
  • Ultra low volume nebulizer treatments
  • We certify hotels, restaurants, shops, educational centers, industries ...
FitoStinger disinfection service
disinfection and cleaning service coronavirus

How do we carry out disinfection services?

FitoStinger performs its treatments with ultra low volume thermo-fogging systems and using products authorized by the European authorities.

Where is it ideal to carry out disinfection treatments?

Disinfection services are ideal for the food industry, for him tourism sector (hotels, restaurants, rural houses, hostels ...), for the health sector (hospitals, primary care centers, pediatric centers, private clinics, dental centers ...), establishments with a large influx of public (shopping malls, clothing stores, perfumeries, beauty and hair salons, banks, real estate ...), leisure areas (playgrounds, theme parks, museums, cinemas, theaters ...), schools (schools, nurseries, institutes, vocational training centers, academies ...), industry (industrial warehouses, production centers, logistics centers, factories ...), administrative centers (offices, offices, notaries, law firms, consultancies ...), transportation (boats, buses, taxis, ambulances, delivery fleets ...), senior care centers (residences, retirement home, leisure centers for the elderly ...), among others.

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